The Urban Observer

A platform for discussing practical solutions and ideas for urban issues across the globe.


Cities are alive. They are natural magnets for peoples of all backgrounds. In order to support such a large, densely packed number of people a city needs to be kept orderly. It must afford (and maintain) its denizens services as basic as water, sewage control, transport, police protection and more. Often, due to the sheer size and complexity of a large city, problems with these systems arise. They can be addressed immediately in the best of scenarios or left untouched for decades in the worst.

It may not be feasible to demand entire new subway lines within a decade or hope that the varying levels of government will pitch in to upgrade a city’s failing sewage system, but there are plenty of other issues affecting places that can be solved relatively easily if brought to proper attention and effectively thought through. From subway stairwells that haven’t been cleaned in years to poor signage resulting in a dearth of helpful information resulting in pedestrian congestion, we can observe areas in need of solutions everyday. Our aim is to bring to light some of these problems and issues facing New York City and beyond, propose ideas and solutions and foment open discussion for how our city, and yours, can prosper.


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